From California to Ohio, Redistricting Reform Heads to November Ballot

Redistricting ImageWith the aftershocks of Rep. Tom Delay's mid-decade redistricting of Texas' Congressional delegation continuing to be felt around the nation, reformers are scrambling to implement redistricting reform proposals. Most recently grassroots groups in California and Ohio successfully gathered enough signatures to place independent redistricting proposals before voters in upcoming November elections.

Over time FairVote has consistently backed non-partisan redistricting criteria, but we believe the process should not end there, as competitive races and increased representation of women and communities of color requires more than just a neutral line-drawing process. Alternatives, such as proportional voting, need to be considered in tandem with redistricting reform, and in the least, reform proposals should not preclude the later use of these public interest electoral systems. In that spirit, our new Redistricting Reform Watch 2005 Center analyzes the effects of the various state proposals on proportional voting plans, competitiveness, and other public interest criteria.

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