FairVote's Proposed Ranked Choice Voting Act

As the 2016 presidential election season begins, FairVote's reforms are making waves with the candidates and the public:

  • Act now for ranked choice voting: FairVote is launching a movement for congressional reform by highlighting its proposed Ranked Choice Voting Act. The bill would make the U.S. House of Representatives truly effective and representative, by replacing winner-take-all elections with ranked choice voting in all 50 states.
  • Presidential candidates push reform: Five different current or prospective major party presidential candidates are in favor of FairVote reforms: Larry Lessig announced a potential run for President, making the Ranked Choice Voting Act an important pillar in his platform; Bernie Sanders is a supporter of ranked choice voting and testified in favor it to the Vermont Senate Government Operations Committee in 2007; Hillary Clinton recently called for automatic, universal voter registration; both Martin O'Malley and Lincoln Chafee signed National Popular Vote into law during their time as governor of Maryland and Rhode Island, respectively. This month, O'Malley also endorsed the right to vote amendment. Several prospective third party and independent candidates also back our reform vision.
  • Ranked choice voting is online: FairVote has partnered with Civinomics to launch a new, online ranked choice voting application. You can now rank your choices in the Republican presidential field, the Democratic presidential field, or just rank seven  U.S. political parties (plus "independent"). Next month it will expand into an application for any user to create their own RCV poll for free.
  • Where to get the scoop: Check out FairVote's Blogspot site for quick access to important election reform news.

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