FairVote: Your Primary Resource in 2012

FairVote has been analyzing and commenting on elections in general and presidential primaries in particular for two decades. This year FairVote has  assembled key resources to understand this year's nomination contests, with regular analysis on its blog and in published commentary. Don't miss these new reports and commentaries.

Delegate allocation rules in 2012 GOP race

Open, closed and mixed primaries, state-by-state This report details who is allowed to vote in every state holding a presidential or congressional primary this year.

South Carolina Primary: One Candidate May Easily Win All Delegates By Rob Richie and Elise Helgesen

South Carolina Voters Better Enjoy it While it Lasts by Katie Kelly and Rob Richie

RCV for the GOP: Mitt Romney, Fractured Conservatives, and the Importance of Rules by Sheahan Virgin

Understanding How Proportional Representation Worked in NH by FairVote

See visual portrayals of state-by-state GOP primary results Romney 2008 vs. Romney 2012