FairVote Triggering a National Discussion on Electoral Reform

As an innovative think tank, FairVote pushes the boundaries of conventional wisdom in seeking electoral rules that respect every vote and every voice. Communications director Paul Fidalgo works with our analysts to make sure our ideas enter high-profile debate. See Paul’s new Innovative Analysis on instant runoff voting's apparent link to decreasing the influence of money and more positive campaigning, major new op-eds from David Segal, Rob Richie and Adam Fogel, and Richie’s lead piece in a special series on the Electoral College in the San Diego Union-Tribune. Meanwhile, the Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel features FairVote in her new column touting the National Popular Vote plan.


Innovative Analysis on IRV: "Good Things Come to Those Who Rank"
Rob Richie on National Popular Vote in the San Diego Union-Tribune
David Segal on Senate vacancies in the Baltimore Sun
Adam Fogel on expanding DC voter participation in the Washington Post
Rob Richie and Rep. Bill Herbkersman on IRV for primaries in The State
Katrina vanden Heuval’s editorial on the Electoral College and NPV