FairVote Stands With Movement for Voting Rights Act Reauthorization

Lyndon Johnson & Martin Luther King Jr.FairVote joins the growing chorus of groups calling for reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act. Key provisions are set to expire in 2007, including those relating to preclearance of election changes in places with a history of discrimination in voting, as well as language assistance for limited-english speakers. For years, the Voting Rights Act has provided a foundation from which to build the movement for fair representation, and for years FairVote has highlighted the opportunities the landmark bill has created for communities of color.

As a member of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the nation's oldest and largest civil rights coalition, FairVote now joins 95 other groups in calling for a thoughtful and prompt renewal of the legislation.

[Download LCCR Letter of Support - .pdf 103 KB]
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