FairVote's Busy Outreach Week

satellite dishThrough radio, press conference, and meetings FairVote is getting the call for reform out to every interested party.   This week FairVote's Rob Richie is appearing on Open Source Radio, and radio shows like the Ambrose Lane Show and Kojo Nnamdi Show in Washington D.C., and The Breakfast Club in Manitowoc (WI).  Along with Tennessee Congressmen John Tanner (D) and Zack Wamp (R), FairVote Chair John Anderson held a press conference on legislation to reform existing redistricting laws.  FairVote will also hold their biannual press conference on Monopoly Politics report on July 24.  FairVote is assisting American Plan creator Thomas Gangale in arranging meetings to discuss his proposal.  Finally, FairVote is exhibiting at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's (NAACP) annual conference.  All these events and more can be found on FairVote's brand new events page.

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