FairVote Releases New Report on Redistricting Reform


On Thursday, FairVote released its newest report on redistricting reform efforts in the fifty states over the past legislative session. Titled “Redistricting Reform in the States: June 2010,” this report systematically reports on every redistricting bill introduced in the state legislatures this term and whether they passed, failed, or are still in committee.

“I believe this report is useful for average citizens to both become acquainted with legislation in their state and get some sense of nationwide trends in redistricting reform efforts,” says Patrick Withers, a legal intern with FairVote and primary author of the report. “As our nation prepares for the results of the census, it is important for people to see that, while it has been a difficult legislative year overall for the redistricting reform effort, there is cause for optimism as well.”

FairVote is a an organization based in Takoma Park, MD that acts as a catalyst for reforming American elections through increasing voter turnout, meaningful ballot choices and fair representation. As a national organization focused on fundamental structural reform of American elections, FairVote not only acts as a traditional think tank through careful research and innovative analysis but also engages with leading reformers and the media to turn new ideas into widely accepted policy options.

To see the report, click here.