FairVote-Endorsed Civics Bill Passes

The California General Assembly passed a FairVote-endorsed bill (AB 183) that requires every school district with at least one high school provide voter registration information to students. Under the new law, if signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, schools must report their voter registration efforts on their website or school newsletter. Current California law designates the final two weeks in April and September as "High School Voter Weeks," during which time deputy registrars of voters are allowed to go into high schools and register students and staff. This new proposal will ensure all students, regardless of where they attend school, have an opportunity to register to vote in the non-partisan atmosphere of a classroom.

The original version of the bill, introduced by Assembly Member Coto, mandated that students register to vote (or opt-out in writing) as a graduation requirement.

[ AB 183 - As introduced 1/24/07 ]

[ AB 183 - As amended 6/1/07 ]
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