Fair Representation Voting and Ranked Choice Voting Gain Attention

FairVote's reforms continue to gain steam, as problems like low voter turnout and non-majority winners persist in American elections. Fair representation voting and the use of ranked choice voting in statewide and local elections have been of particular interest. Here is the latest:

  • Support for an expected 2016 ranked choice voting ballot measure in Maine continues to grow. Recent media pieces include a detailed op-ed by Polly Ward of the Maine League of Women Voters and this Letter to the Editor from the Ellsworth American.
  • Ranked choice voting has also gained support in Utah, where lawmakers are considering its use for primary elections. FairVote staffer Grace Ramsey discusses other states' fair voting legislation developments on our blog.
  • The Los Angeles Times recently decried the low voter turnout rates that keep plaguing city elections, quoting FairVote staffer Amaris Montes. Amaris also provided analysis on how ranked choice voting could be the cure for low turnout in LA and other American cities.    
  • Officials in Del Mar, California, used ranked choice voting to gauge public opinion about their plans for revamping City Hall. Ranked choice voting gave them a more clear understanding of how Del Mar voters want the space to be used.   
  • Once again, ranked choice voting provided a Best Picture winner with a broad base of support from the Academy. See our analysis on Birdman’s win here.
  • Fair representation voting have garnered media support as well. Independent Voter Network published pieces discussing how proportional representation might be implemented in the U.S. and suggesting that it would strengthen third parties.
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