Everyone's Buzzing about FairVote Reforms

Everyone -- from journalists, to authors, to political scientists, to the general public -- is buzzing about FairVote's reforms. Here's the latest:

  • FairVote held its National Democracy Slam on April 22! Seventeen bold ideas for breaking partisan gridlock, ending gerrymandering, and improving America's elections and politics were explored during the day. Speakers included US Congress members and community organizers. View the webcast here.
  • Ranked choice voting encourages civility and positive campaigning and voters support it -- 57 percent of voters living in four RCV cities agreed that it should be used in local elections, according to new FairVote research.  Our team worked with the Eagleton Poll at Rutgers University and a core team of four academics led by Professor Caroline Tolbert of the University of Iowa.
  • FairVote and the Bipartisan Policy Center released a new report, Best Practices for Collaborative Policymaking. FairVote researchers examine state legislatures and identify and recommend rules/practices that can empower bipartisan cooperation.
  • Michael Golden's new book, Unlock Congress, highlights FairVote's innovative solutions to congressional gridlock. Copies now available for sale!
  • FairVote gained considerable media attention recently, with shout outs from Robert Reich in the Baltimore Sun and from Aaron Blake in the Washington Post.
  • Ranked choice voting in Maine is turning heads and gaining support. Recent media pieces include an editorial from the USM Free Press, in which the author calls upon Mainers to take the “opportunity to be a pioneer, this time, for better elections,”  and this Letter to the Editor from the Lincoln County News, in which the author extols the virtues of Portland’s elections and asks  “wouldn't it be great to have that kind of experience with our three to six candidate statewide elections?”
  • FairVote welcomed two new full time staffers this week. Michelle Whittaker is the new Communications Director, and Doug Clopp is the new Outreach Director. Stay tuned for their bios!
  • Check out FairVote's Blogspot site for quick access to important election reform news.

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