DNC Commission on Presidential Nomination Takes Half Step in the Right Direction

DNC CommissionPresidential nomination reformers were given a little reason to celebrate this holiday season.  On Saturday December 10th, the DNC commission on presidential nomination timing and scheduling met for it’s final meeting to approve the report it will submit to the full DNC next spring.

For 2008 they suggest the mild step of including two to four extra states in the pre-window now used by just Iowa and New Hampshire.  This is a victory for many who correctly note these two northern states fail to represent the diverse nature of the American population.  Still, the reality is we are likely to have the nomination locked up by early February 2008.

The most promising section of the report looks ahead to 2012.  Members unanimously agreed the schedule should be pushed later into the year and drawn out rather than truncated.  To this end the commission agreed their party should consider a comprehensive change for 2012 and specifically suggests examining the American Plan, the primary reform proposal endorsed by FairVote.

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