California Democrats Endorse the American Plan

California FlagThe Democratic Party of California formally endorsed a plan aimed at more voters having influence in the choice of their party's presidential candidate. The American Plan, which was the only alternaitve explicitly mentioned in the DNC's Commission on Presidential Nomination Timing and Scheduling 2005 report, has been steadily gathering enthusiasm in California where grassroots supporters have been attracting attention to the plan one county committee after another. The state party's decision to back the plan is the first state party to take this bold step, though the Young Democrats of America endorsed the American Plan in 2005.

Unlike our current front-loaded primary schedule, the American Plan combines random order with increasing state size to yield a schedule that gives many more people the chance to play a meaningful role in choosing presidential nominees. FairVote was the first national organization to endorse the plan and has helped boost it with writing and outreach.

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