Big Wins Continue for National Popular Vote

On March, 13, the Oregon House and Washington State Senate passed National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation, making it the 24th state house to pass the legislation. With bipartisan support, the Oregon housed passed the bill 39-19, including 8 Republicans.

These milestones ride in the wake of other recent success in New Mexico, where the State House also voted to pass NPV legislation. NPV is a national effort to enact an interstate compact ensuring that the winner of the popular vote wins the presidency. The compact will go into effect once states totaling 270 electoral votes enact the legislation.

The NPV bill has been introduced in 47 states with a total of 1,246 state legislators endorsing the legislation. Representing nearly a fifth of the necessary electoral votes to implement NPV, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, and New Jersey have already passed the legislation. Recent polls indicate more than 70% of voters support NPV in a full range of states.

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