America’s History of Ranked Choice Voting

America’s history of ranked choice voting: As ranked choice voting heads toward the ballot in Maine in 2016 and toward a bill in Congress, it’s helpful to recall its history in U.S. elections. FairVote’s board chair, Krist Novoselic, shares the history of ranked choice voting and fair representation voting in the United States.

FairVote’s reforms are favored by major party candidates and featured pillar for a presidential candidate: Larry Lessig has officially entered the 2016 presidential race, and the Ranked Choice Voting Act - a reform to end gerrymandering as described well in this article by Reihan Salam’s - is a signature element of his campaign; Bernie Sanders testified in favor of ranked choice voting in 2007; Hillary Clinton supports automatic, universal registration; former governors Martin O'Malley and Lincoln Chafee signed National Popular Vote into law during their time as governor of Maryland and Rhode Island, respectively; and O'Malley endorsed the right to vote amendment.

RCV in nomination process -- Our RCV App and value of ranked choice polling: As the second Republican presidential debate approaches, keep in mind FairVote’s ranked choice voting app with Civinomics. FairVote’s analysis of recent polls providing more information on second choices shows how it gives candidates, campaigns, and the general public a more precise understanding of voter preferences.

FairVote files Supreme Court amicus briefs on primaries and ballot access: FairVote continues to provide its innovative analysis and pro-voter perspective to activists, local and state policymakers, and to all three branches of the federal government. Read descriptions of two new briefs filed with the Supreme Court in challenges to New Jersey’s closed primary and California’s Top Two primary.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals strikes down limited nominations: The ruling, which negates an Indiana law that limits the number of judicial nominations in the state, could significantly impact the future of both primary and general elections -- and just might create grounds for challenges to “no choice elections.”

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