American Plan Gains Momentum

Art TorresFairVote's favorite presidential primary reform plan - The American Plan - gained momentum this week as California Democratic Party chair Art Torres mentioned the plan at the DNC Commission on Presidential Nomination Timing and Scheduling. The commission is unlikely to support such a sweeping change but the fact that commissioner Torres brought the plan to their attention bodes well for its future.

FairVote's executive director Rob Richie recently spoke to former Republican Senator Bill Brock. He chaired a 1999 RNC commission that recommended adoption of a broad primary change called the Delaware plan. This plan, however, was never brought to a vote at the GOP's 2000 convention. Sen. Brock was interested in the American Plan and seemed to support any substantial change to the broken system in place today.

Stay tuned as FairVote and other primary reform activists continue to push for this important and substantial change, one that would give more voters a say in their party's presidential candidate.

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