Advance Voter Registration Passes NC House: Bill Moves to Senate with Strong Bipartisan Support

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The North Carolina House of Representatives passed the Teen Preregistration and High School Civic Education Act (HB 1260) by a vote of 102 to 14. The bill has already passed both the Election Law Committee and Education Committee unanimously and now moves to the Senate. The bill allows 16 and 17-year-olds to "preregister" to vote, as is currently allowed in Hawaii and Florida, and includes a provision requiring schools to provide voter registration opportunities to students in public schools every year. The bill also encourages schools to expand voter registration in schools by working with local boards of election. Advance voter registration bills have been introduced in several other states this year, including California (AB 30), Michigan (SB 61), Rhode Island (SB 5005), Washington (HB 1193) and Maryland (SB 671).  

Bill Information: HB 1260
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