Advance-Registration Victories Continue

In the latest FairVote-inspired legislative victory, the Rhode Island Legislature will send a bill to the governor allowing 16 and 17-year-olds to advance-register to vote.  This news follows Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R) signing a bill allowing 16-year-olds to register when they receive their state-issued driver's license. People who advance-register in both states will automatically be added to the voter rolls when they reach 18-years-old. The Florida bill also gives these young people an opportunity to work at the polls on Election Day.

These important reforms are another step in the right direction for increasing youth voter turnout. These bills advance FairVote's goal of giving all young citizens an opportunity to register to vote and learn the mechanics of participation, regardless of their parents' voting behavior or socioeconomic status.

Florida joins Hawaii in allowing 16-year-olds to advance-register to vote. Rhode Island’s legislature passed a similar bill in 2006, but it was brought down by a the governor's veto.

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