Glen Ford on Obama-Clinton, Rob Richie on electoral process

// Published January 25, 2008 in Counterspin
This week on CounterSpin: media long ago declared the Democratic race for the White House was a two-person race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The campaigns have been squaring off in recent days—on some important issues, and some decidedly less so. This has led some pundits to lament that race and gender have been "introduced" into this campaign. We'll hear what Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report has to say about this.

Also on CounterSpin today, media election coverage can certainly be dispiriting, leaving you to wonder if this is really democracy in action? But one of the worst effects of the coverage might be to make you believe nothing is being done, or can be done, to change the way the process works. We'll talk with someone who doesn't believe that, Rob Richie of the group FairVote, the Center for Voting and Democracy.