National Redistricting News 2011-12

Date News
12/8/2011 New York Times on cities objecting to being divided during #redistricting process
11/10/2011 One year before the 2012 election and some states still do not have final #redistricting maps
8/24/2011 MIT PhD devises formula to see how close a district is to being an unbiased square. 1 is perfect, average today is 2.1!
8/22/2011 Redistricting hurts some GOP lawmakers
8/15/2011 The Daily Beast: 8 Ways to Fix Our Politics
8/8/2011 Gerrymandering Explained: From: Watch the full series of Politics in the…
7/25/2011 Delays in redistricting affecting House recruitment
7/19/2011 Republicans score early gains as redistricting plans emerge.
7/11/2011 Redistricting Squeezes G.O.P. Class of 2010 New York Times reports
7/11/2011 Prof. Justin Levitt's excellent redistricting website ( profiled here:


TheFix argues GOP’s redistricting advantage is real, but muted.


facingsouth reports: Southern states seek end run around Justice Department over redistricting.


For Republicans, Redistricting Offers Few Gains, NYTimes report.

4/22/2011 National: Black voters clumped into majority black districts to make Republicans safe in nearby districts
4/15/2011 National: The Fix lists10 congressmen most likely to be affected by redistricting
4/14/2011 National: Why it is wrong to gerrymander, what difference does it concretely make? By Insidenova
4/8/2011 National: Partisan fundraising for redistricting beyond scope of FEC, millions in soft money
4/8/2011 National: Officials nationwide hiring lobbyists and lawyers for redistricting battle
4/7/2011 National: Hopes of redistricting gains for Republicans fade by David Dayen.
4/6/2011 National: Read the Nicholas Stephanopoulos' edito to see an interesting analysis of the redistricting process:
4/1/2011 National: Census: black population in inner cities lower, alters political power in suburbs
3/30/2011 National: "What you're going to see is a game of musical chairs,"
3/29/2011 National: redistricting, ""It's a bloodsport"
3/22/2011 National: But where do you count incarcerated people? redistricting
3/21/2011 ELB: "Where to count prisoners poses redistricting dilemma": reports....
3/16/2011 National : According to Richard Cohen for Politico, the GOP strategy on Redistricting is to not “get greedy”.
3/10/2011 National: Helpful link for reporters on county/municipal redistricting and prison-based gerrymandering by Peter Wagner.
3/9/2011 USNWR reports on how technology is opening up the redistricting process to citizen input gerrymandering
3/7/2011 National: Conflicting perspectives on representation of hispanic voters as redistricting proceeds
3/2/2011 20+ states still without census data 2010Census
2/27/2011 Redistricting & competition: Commentary in Washington Post ( & New Jersey Star-Ledger:
2/23/2011 National: Ray Suarez invites comment on redistricting, voting rights and incumbents who are racial minorities:
2/20/2011 National oped: Brennan Center's Michael Waldman asks governors to agree to veto partisan gerrymandering maps:
2/3/2011 Rise of do-it-yourself redistricting article in reviews new tools for reformers & partisans:
10/18/2010 ABC News TV & print stories feature Gerrymandering movie in review of the problems and 1st steps for reform:
10/18/2010 Indewire profiles Jeff Reichert, director of "Gerrymandering." Film goes national, has Rob Richie among speakers:
10/1/2010 Congressional Redistricting Formula Act Introduced. Campaign Legal Center's Gerry Hebert explains:
10/1/2010 Every decade US House seats are allocated based on population. New animation explains how --and why it matters:
8/26/2010 Political analyst Michael Barone looks at potential impact of 2010 elections on redistricting in 2011:
8/26/2010 Leading civil rights organizations release redistricting guide to promote community participation in 2011:
8/26/2010 NPR''s Ken Rudin explains why governor's races in 2010 affect US House races in 2018: -- it's redistricting: