I Vote You Vote

by Ekua Boateng // Published July 24, 2008

Want to be the master and coordinator of your own GOTV efforts for all your friends, family, associates, colleagues and all other acquaintances with minimal effort? Well I Vote You Vote is a website for the politically engaged to help register people in their social networks via this awesome website. It has many useful tools which enables people to check if they are registered to vote, allows people to register to vote and also will provide up to date accurate information on voter registration and information in every state in partnership with the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights. The website also aims to help people who may encounter problems registering to vote and or have difficulties on Election Day. It includes features to remind people in their network to vote as well as remind them when Election Day is. This website is sure to be a useful tool for this presidential cycle and future election cycles. So check this website out--be in charge of your own GOTV effort this election!