16 year-old voter reg bill passes RI House

by Jack Santucci // Published June 13, 2006
The Rhode Island House of Representatives today passed a bill that would let high school students preregister to vote so that, when they turn 18, they're automatically placed on voter rolls.

High school registration is part of FairVote's 100% Registration project - one of our common sense reforms gaining traction around America.

If you're reading from the Take Back America conference, stop by our booth in the exhibition hall and grab the one-pager on 100% Youth Voter Registration.

RI General Assembly Bill Status System (search bill no. 8022):

Condition: {List Bills: 8022}

House Bill No.8022 BY Pacheco, Rice, Brien T, Diaz, Ajello ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO ELECTIONS -- REGISTRATION OF VOTERS (authorize persons 16 and 17 years of age who preregister to vote to automatically be registered upon reaching age 18) {LC3037/1} 04/25/2006 Introduced, referred to House Judiciary 05/30/2006 Scheduled for hearing 05/30/2006 Continued 06/06/2006 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration 06/06/2006 Committee recommends passage 06/06/2006 Placed on House Calendar 06/13/2006 House read and passed

Total Bills:1

Legislative Data System Room 1 06/13/2006 State House, Providence, Rhode Island 07:20 PM