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  • Democracy, Schools, and the Internet...Oh, My!

    In the midst of election season, there are many ways to get youth and soon-to-be voters involved and interested in the poltiical climate and democracy.

  • Spotlighting a Best Practice

    FairVote Summer intern Rebecca Guterman interviewed Tim Hwang, Student Member of the Board of Education in Montgomery County, MD, to hightlight a practice that helps both the student representative and the rest of the student population gain experience in voting and representative government.

  • Sen. Byrd and Constitution Day

    Senator Robert Byrd (D-W. Va) died at 92 this morning after being admitted to a Fairfax, VA hospital last week for heat exhaustion. Byrd, who was elected to serve a record-breaking nine consecutive terms in the Senate following three terms in the House, is remembered in the many obituaries that appeared today for his unwavering dedication to the needs of the people he represented.