In order to realize FairVote's vision of a truly fair, open, and equitable democracy, we support these fundamental reforms.

Though they are not the only issues within our focus, they serve as the core of our advocacy and research.

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Ranked Choice Voting

Majority rule and meaningful voter choice are marks of a functioning democracy. To facilitate a full range of choices in high-turnout elections that better reflect more voters, we act to encourage understanding, adoption and effective implementation of ranked choice voting.

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Fair Voting/Proportional Representation

Proportional systems help ensure that constituencies have representation in government bodies that reflect their share of the electorate. FairVote's research points to ranked choice voting in multi-winner elections as the best proportional method for U.S. elections, because it honors majority rule, allows for fair representation and maximizes the effectiveness of a voter's ballot.

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National Popular Vote for President

The Electoral College system causes candidates for president to focus all their resources and attention on a small fraction of the electorate, rendering the vast majority of the American population utterly irrelevant in presidential elections. Direct election of the president is the only way to ensure that every vote counts equally, and to that end, FairVote supports the National Popular Vote plan for president.

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Right to Vote in the Constitution

The right to cast a free and secret ballot is the foundation of American democracy. Yet it has become all too clear that our voting system remains deeply flawed. In recent elections, we have seen millions of U.S. citizens denied the right to vote because of voter registration problems, lost or miscounted votes, language barriers, felony convictions, and targeted voter disenfranchisement.

To address these problems, FairVote seeks to ensure that the right of every U.S. citizen to vote is enshrined in our Constitution, so that neither state nor national laws will restrict the ability of citizens to cast a ballot, and so that our voting system is fair and equally accessible to all Americans.

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Universal Voter Registration

Universal voter registration is a government-run system that automatically registers all eligible citizens to vote. Instead of contending with the confusing and potentially fraudulent current system, which leaves the construction of voter rolls to private voter registration organizations and election officials, with universal voter registration the government's automatic process eliminates the haphazard complexity of voter rolls. 

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Related Reforms:

  • Youth Pre-registration - The advance registration of 16- and 17-year-olds to vote so that young would-be voters are ready to take part in our democracy as soon as they are of age.