E-Newsletter November 1, 2007

Released November 1, 2007
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It's been a busy, productive time at FairVote, and we wanted to share with you links to the commentaries FairVote has published and news coverage we've generated in the past four months. We've created a partial list below, including coverage in national publications like the Christian Science Monitor, National Journal and New York Times.

FairVote has also made many significant radio and television appearances, including a featured interview on National Public Radio's All Things Considered and an appearance on ABC's Nightline. Finally, Paul Fidalgo joined FairVote as communications director in June and soon began our weekly Innovative Analysis series, which is starting to generate more press and is being picked up in blogs produced by The Hill and California Progress Report.

Reminder: FairVote is the lead organizer of the remarkable [Claim Democracy Conference] taking place in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 9-11 with a who's who of electoral reform, media reform and voting rights organizations. It's a great chance to get information and get connected as we head into the 2008 elections and beyond. Please register today and also consider joining us for our [15th Anniversary Gala Dinner] on November 10th.

FairVote's Commentary Highlights

Media highlights, Radio and TV appearances

  • WMNF Evening News (Florida) - October 2, 2007
    FairVote's Rob Richie discusses instant runoff voting in Sarasota, which will face the voters in November.

  • XM Radio's P.O.T.U.S. '08 - "Morning Briefing" - October 1, 2007
    Rob Richie converses with Scott Walterman on the electoral dynamics of the 2008 race for the White House.

  • NPR's “All Things Considered” - August 22, 2007
    Rob Richie and Kentucky Secretary of State Tray Grayson talk about solutions to the broken presidential primary system

  • Universidad Francisco Marroquín - August 16, 2007
    Rob Richie is the subject of an online video interview on IRV in Guatemala

  • WBAI Pacifica Radio — “Talkback” - August 14, 2007
    Ryan O'Donnell is interviewed on the “Fuzzy Math” report concerning the congressional district method of allocating electoral votes.

  • WGTF (Ohio) — “The Louie Free Show” -July 2, 2007
    Paul Fidalgo discussed a wide range of topics, from IRV to NPV.

  • WRKF (Louisiana Public Radio) — “The Jim Engster Show” - June 25, 2007
    John Anderson is interviewed on the Bloomberg effect on 2008.

  • ABC's “Nightline” - June 20, 2007
    John Anderson recounts his experience to Jake Tapper on the difficult third-party trail to the White House.

  • WAMU (DC Public Radio) — “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” - June 14, 2007
    Rob Richie discusses making elections more fair, with a particular focus on Maryland's kicking off the National Popular Vote compact.

  • C-SPAN - June 11, 2007
    Rob Richie spoke to the Center for the Study of Responsive Law about the future of democracy.

FairVote Issues In the News

FairVote's Innovative Analysis

Each week, a new way of looking at an old system. Editions of Innovative Analysis Archived [HERE]

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