Mid-Decade Madness: The Sacramento Bee Backs FairVote's Push to Reform Redistricting

by Erin Creegan // Published July 10, 2006
This is the ninth installation in our series of blog posts written by FairVote interns.

With yesterday's editorial "Call a truce," The Sacramento Bee joins the ranks of concerned citizens everywhere wondering if there's any way we can make sure voters pick their representatives - and not the other way around.

The SacBee backs two bills currently under Congressional consideration that would make the unprecedented move of asking legislators to bind themselves. In response to the recent Supreme Court decision upholding a Texas redistricting plan obviously meant to reap partisan advantages (ahem! gerrymandering!), Representatives Tanner (D-Tenn.) and Wamp (D-Tenn.), as well as Lofgren (D-Calif.) have introduced bills that ban redistricting from occuring in the years between the decennial census. These bills would also establish a few standards on drawing congressional districts, requiring a little rhyme and reason to underlie the lines. If members of both parties can mutually agree to give up one of their strongest tools of self-preservation, we can make democratic participation more meaningful for voters in every state. C'mon kids - didn't your mom teach you to play fair?

For more information on FairVote's campaign to reform redistricting, click here.