Where Choice Voting is Used

Choice Voting is used for elections around the world and has a history of use in the United States. Cities such as New York and Cincinnati used it for decades while Cambridge continues to employ it for City Council elections. Choice voting is also frequently used to elect board members in private organizations and corporations. On many campuses, choice voting has been adopted to elect student governments that are reflective of the student body.

Choice Voting on Campus


Student elections provide young voters a great opportunity to participate in campus democracy. A number of colleges and universities use choice voting to elect their student body representatives.

Choice Voting Spotlight: Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, Massachusetts has used choice voting to elect its City Council and School Board since 1941.

Read more about the:

  • history of choice voting in Cambridge
  • review election data
  • analysis on minority and women's representation.


Choice voting is used in some form in many of the world's established democracies, including:

  • Ireland (National, local, and European Parliament elections)
  • Australia (Elections to the Senate, the upper house of the Parliament of Australia, and many state elections)
  • India (Elections to the Rajya Sabha, upper house of the Federal Parliament)
  • Malta (All elections)
  • New Zealand (Local Elections)
  • Scotland (Local Elections)
  • United Kingdom (European Parliament elections)

For more information on the use of choice voting internationally, see FairVote's Elections Worldwide page and interactive electoral systems map

Choice Voting Organizations and Corporations

From universities to non-profit boards to political parties, a number of organizations and corporations use the choice voting form of proportional representation to help elect diverse and reflective boards and representatives. Here are a few examples and links to their bylaws and constitutions.

British Organizations Using Choice Voting

Outside of the United States, notable British organizations and charities also use choice voting (called the single transferable vote in the United Kingdom) for their elections. Click here for a partial list of organisations that use choice voting in the UK.