Announcement: What Comes Now for the Right to Vote

What Comes Now for the Right to Vote

Today's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court presents new challenges to protecting voting rights in the United States. The Voting Rights Act was not struck down, but for the time being, it is weaker. The Department of Justice can no longer block changes to voting laws and practices that might have a racially discriminatory effect until Congress establishes rules determining which jurisdictions must submit changes for review. We urge Congress to develop those rules.

For FairVote, the ruling underscores our belief that election rules must be fair to everyone in every election.Taking a structural approach to our electoral process, we propose rules that provide universal protections to fair access to vote, fair elections and fair representation. Much work must be done in the short-term within the limits of our current system, but it is more timely than ever to think big about how to establish fundamentally fair voting rules.

This spring, our Board of Directors reached consensus on our reform goals for the year 2020. It's an exciting vision. Much can be accomplished right now in cities and states. Nearly all these goals can be achieved by statute.
I hope you will read about our ideas for change and proposals for action.

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Reform victories will take collaboration with other organizations, reform-minded policymakers and individuals across the nation. We hope to work with you to achieve this vision, through our advocacy site, FairVote Action, and through your support.

Thank you,

Rob Richie, Executive Director & Krist Novoselic, Board Chair

P.s. Join us in person or online for the launch of our Democracy Next: Voices Votes and Vision forum series on Thursday, June 27th at 4:00pm. Four past and current members of Congress will be among those addressing voting rights and fair systems of voting.RSVP here.