E-Newsletter November 1, 2005

Released November 1, 2005
FairVote News Flash, November 1, 2005

Richie on Talk of the Nation and MSNBC’s Mockracy

Plus: FairVote on filibuster controversy, plurality winners, presidential elections, more

Look for our 2005 election special newsletter in the coming week, but we wanted to send out a flash alert today about fast-breaking media developments:

FairVote’s Rob Richie on NPR’s Talk of the Nation today

Proportional Voting in MSNBC’s Mockracy

Filibuster Controversies: Time for Judicial Nomination Reform
  • FairVote’s new release on its findings showing that undercuts arguments made in support of filibusters and in opposing them. Given the likely filibuster of Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court, we believe it’s the right time to debate better, more inclusive ways of nominating federal judges.

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Who Picks the President?

FairVote’s Congressional Legislation Priorities
  • FairVote supports current legislation that promotes instant runoff voting, proportional voting, direct election of the president, nonpartisan redistricting and protections of the right to vote. We oppose bills that would prevent majority requirements in presidential races.

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Protecting Democracy in Louisiana

  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana voters and election administrators face numerous challenges that threaten to undermine the state’s democratic processes. FairVote calls for multimember districts with proportional voting systems, expansion of its current use of ranked ballots for overseas voters to include displaced Hurricane Katrina victims and federal agency involvement in seeking accurate and complete voter rolls.

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IRV: Takoma Park Ballot Measure, Citywide Test in San Francisco
  • The city council of Takoma Park (MD) voted unanimously to place a ballot measure on the November 8th city election ballot on the question of whether to implement instant runoff voting (IRV) for future city elections. Meanwhile, San Francisco is gearing up for its first citywide IRV election for three offices after its extremely successful initial IRV elections in November 2004. IRV also won endorsements recently by the Democratic Party in Iowa and California.

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Non-majority winners in American elections
  • FairVote has updated its summary of non-majority winners in our highest offices. Nearly half of governors won a primary or general elections with less than half the votes, as did many Members of Congress and a third of our presidents.

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Carter-Baker Commission Report: Pro’s and Con’s
  • The September release of recommendations by a reform commission headed by Jimmy Carter and James Baker met with mixed reactions and concerns from some election reformers about photo identification requirements at the polls. FairVote applauds the commission for its endorsement of a more inclusive presidential primary schedule, high school civic education, nonpartisan elections officials, verified voting and articulating the goal of universal voter registration. But the report falls short in the breadth of its recommended reforms. It stays silent on many essential reforms and turns away from the ideal of nationwide standards for running federal elections founded on a constitutional right to vote, instead accepting the familiar state-by-state patchwork of rules.

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