E-Newsletter March 28, 2006

Released March 28, 2006


If We Do Say So Ourselves...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dear Friend of Fair Elections,

F airVote and its electoral reform programs have been getting terrific press attention and editorial support this month. We wanted to highlight a few examples:

Great press on National Popular Vote plan for president

New York Times gives ringing endorsement to NPV.
As a major partner in NPV, FairVote is proud to have its research used to build the case for a national popular vote for the president.

Molly Ivins endorses National Popular Vote
The outspoken, nationally-syndicated columnist blasts the electoral college and applauds NPV's innovative campaign.

The Olympian and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
These profiles of our executive director Rob Richie place FairVote at the forefront of presidential elections reform.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Battleground states also stand to gain from a national popular vote as this editorial proves by urging the Minnesota legislature to act.

Coverage on instant runoff voting and more...

Burlington voters ace instant runoff
Burlington Free Press - The title says it all about the March 7 mayoral elections.

Burlington: Mayoral balloting seen as model for U.S. election reform
Seven Days - With 99.9% of city voters casting valid ballots, IRV has cemented its place as a popular reform.

Philadelphia Inquirer commentary
FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell shows how the spoiler effect is taking important issues off the table in one of the country's most watched elections.

The Times of Trenton
Soon after Burlington, New Jersey's capital city newspaper praised IRV as a commonsense way to avoid runoffs, suggesting Trenton adopt it, too.

Also, we were very pleased that in South Carolina, Gov. Mark Sanford (R) on March 24 signed legislation establishing instant runoff voting ballots for the state's congressional and state primary elections in June for all military and other overseas voters. This law will ensure these voters have an equal chance to cast a vote that counts in runoff elections. [ Read More ]

As always, stay tuned for the latest developments at www.fairvote.org, and keep in mind that we depend on individual donations for most of our support.

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ROb Richie's 

Rob Richie
Executive Director

P.S. - Stay tuned for our next newsletter, with news on elections in the Ukraine, Israel, and Italy, and a new citizens' assembly for electoral reform in Canada.