E-Newsletter December 18, 2007

Released December 18, 2007
FairVote 2007 Year End Update

December 18, 2007

My fellow supporters of FairVote,

I write from my law school office in Florida, having just put the final touches on another semester of teaching constitutional law. Perhaps it is my regular opportunity to engage so intensely with our nation's future leaders that stirs in me an ongoing passion to have our nation move to democracy's cutting edge. Certainly it serves to reinforce one of my deepest commitments: the remarkable work of FairVote as it advances “the way democracy will be.”

I know you already appreciate FairVote's work. Each year our supporters grow in their number and giving, with their recognition of our unique position: we are the one national organization winning a full range of structural reforms necessary to free the voter from the chains of America's 18th century electoral laws. We turn every gift into innovative thinking, strategic advocacy and one more step toward a democracy that can meet today's challenges.

Allow me to be as bold as FairVote's mission: when you make your donation to FairVote this year, please consider rising to the next level of giving as FairVote moves to the next level of reform impact. Our time is not coming. It is here. And we need your help.

It's hard to convey all the successes of our dedicated staff. Rob Richie's enclosed report is a good start. Perusing www.fairvote.org is even better. But I wish you could have joined me for our Claim Democracy conference and intensive training session with advocates of instant runoff voting and proportional voting from across the nation. Our board meetings sparkle with ideas. You would feel the energy — and see how much change flows from our work.

I wanted to give special thanks to those of you who filled the hall for our 15th Anniversary dinner. The staff surprised me with a tribute, and being there with family and so many FairVote allies made for a moving evening. Fellow board members Krist Novoselic, Eddie Hailes and Rick Hertzberg spoke powerfully about FairVote's remarkable progress and exciting future. Change is coming, and it is a joy to have an opportunity to be part of it.

There of course is no shortage of good causes and social needs that must be addressed. Asking for your support reminds me of how I felt on Election Day after asking for votes when I ran for president and won 10 congressional elections. Your confidence in our leadership is truly inspiring, and I can assure you that we will make the most of your gift. Together we can transform our elections — and I suspect on a faster timeline that many have thought possible. My profound thanks and best wishes to you and your family at this special time of year.

Yours sincerely,

John B. Anderson
Chair, FairVote Board of Directors

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