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Released April 10, 2007
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Maryland Gov. Signs National Popular Vote Bill & Civics Curriculum

FairVote Joins D.C. Voting Rights Rally & More!

On Tuesday, April 10th - Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley signed the historic National Popular Vote plan into law. Through the efforts of FairVote Action's Ryan O'Donnell and National Popular Vote, Maryland is now the first state to join the interstate compact to elect the president by a national popular vote. Maryland's passage comes on the heels of passage of the NPV plan in both chambers of the Hawaii legislature, where it now awaits the Governor's approval. The bill has picked up new editorial endorsements, with the Denver Post (CO), Westport News (CT) and Anderson Herald Bulletin (IN) joining past endorsers such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Sun Times.

The National Popular Vote plan unites states through an interstate compact to award all of their electoral votes to the presidential candidate receiving the most popular votes nationwide (in all 50 states and the District of Columbia). The National Popular Vote plan would take effect only when the plan has been enacted by states collectively possessing at least a majority of the electoral votes that is 270 of the 538 electoral votes. Developed by National Popular Vote, this plan would ensure an equally meaningful vote for Americans in all states, not just "battlegrounds" like Florida and Ohio, by having states use their constitutional powers to guarantee election of the national popular vote winner in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It would provide equality to a system that now divides the nation into a declining number of swing states where votes matter and spectator states where the population is completely ignored by presidential campaigns and their backers.

Other FairVote Developments!

Right to Vote Action: Please join DC Vote, FairVote, District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty, the DC Government and the Shadow Delegation at a historic Voting Rights March. The event will begin April 16th at 2:30 pm, beginning at Freedom Plaza and ending at Capitol Hill.

[March Information]

Youth Registration Victory: Also on the list of Maryland wins, Governor O'Malley recently signed into law a FairVote-backed bill to establish Constitution Day in Maryland to teach all students about civic participation, with a voter registration component. Read more about FairVote's Maryland initiative on youth voter registration and civic education.

[More Information on Youth Registration]

Support for Proportional Voting & IRV: Lastly, California Assembly Members Gene Mullin and Mark Leno have introduced AB 1294 to allow all local jurisdictions (cities, counties, and districts) to use choice voting and instant runoff voting to elect their representatives. With the effort being strongly pushed by Californians for Electoral Reform and backed by FairVote, a wide range of groups have endorsed the legislation:
    Californians for Electoral Reform
    California Common Cause
    New America Foundation
    California League of Women Voters
    League of California Cities
    Democracy for America
    Latinos for America
    Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality
    San Mateo County Chief Elections Official Warren Slocum
    Yolo County Registrar of Voters Freddie Oakley
    Santa Monica Council President Kevin McKeown
[Visit Californians for Electoral Reform's AB 1294 Action Page]

Rob Richie lecture in North Carolina

FairVote Director Rob Richie gives the annual Abe Holzman lecture at North Carolina State on Monday April 16th.

[Event Information]
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